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Mutual Funds


  Collegebound 529 Plans

 Coverdell Savings Accounts

Brokerage Accounts:

We offer a choice of several accounts including a "Resource Checking" Account and a"ProCash" Account.
The "Resource Checking" account adds a checkbook to the regular account and the "ProCash" offers a consolidated asset account including a checkbook and a Mastercard.
The "ProCash" account can be used like a banking account, except that you will earn interest on your cash assets. Another "ProCash" advantage is that it provides a consolidated "tax-track" end of year statement which may be invaluable in your tax preparation.

Annuities (Fixed and Variable)
A variety of annuities are available to meet different needs.

Cash Accounts

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Individual Health Insurance:

Affordable comprehensive health care plans for individuals and families that are not part of a group. HMO, PPO, Indemnity and HSA High Deductible plans are available.

Group Health Insurance:

An attractive fringe benefit!
A variety of HMO, PPO, POS, Indemnity and HSA High Deductible Health Plans are guarantee issue for groups of two or more.
Under current law, self-employed persons may deduct an annually increasing percentage of insurance costs.

Group, Dental,& Vision Insurance:

Popular ancillary benefits for employees.
A variety of affordable free choice and/or managed health care plans offered by a number of single insurance companies or managed care organizations.

Medicare Supplements:

Medicare does not pay all of your hospital and medical bills.
In fact, it has built-in deductibles and co-insurance requirements that are higher today than ever before. You are responsible for paying these costs.
Medigap insurance can help you cover these costs.

Long-Term Care:

Long-term care is the kind of help you may need because of an accident, prolonged illness, disability or frailty.
It provides the supportive services required when it becomes difficult to care for yourself without some assistance for an extended period of time.
Protect your life savings and preserve your independence with a comprehensive long-term care plan, providing benefits for skilled nursing and residential care facilities, home health care and adult day care centers.

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Term Life:

Provides protection for a "limited" period of time at a modest cost.
It's a death benefit only policy, offering no ash value. It can be purchased with level premium rate guarantees for 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. Ideal for short-term personal or business insurance needs.
These policies can be purchased on an individual basis or for a group of employees.

Universal Life:

This interest-sensitive policy gives you a dual benefit:
permanent life insurance protection, and a tax-deferred savings plan.
Other policy features include premium flexibility, competitive interest rates, and a tax-advantaged income stream. Ideal for a variety of business and personal insurance needs, such as funding key-person insurance, buy/sell agreements, non-qualified savings plans, college education costs, mortgage vanish, and private pension plans. They can be purchased on an individual or group basis.

Survivorship Life:

A life insurance policy that insures two lives and pays the benefit on the death of the second insured.
These policies are primarily used to provide immediate liquidity to the heirs of the widow's or widower's estate, upon which the heaviest estate and inheritance taxes fall. If properly structured, the policy's death proceeds can be kept out of the insured's taxable estate, resulting in greater wealth being transferred to the heirs. (If one of the two lives is uninsurable, the policy can still be issued.)

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Wealth Optimization, Preservation & Transfer:

Help protect your personal assets from devaluation by probate, administrative costs, income and federal estate taxation.  Accomplish this by:

> Living Revocable Trusts
> Irrevocable Trusts
> Family Gifting Programs
> Survivorship Life Insurance
> Charitable Remainder Trusts

We can assist you in reducing taxes so you will have a larger estate to enjoy during your lifetime, and help preserve your estate for your family after death.

Qualified Retirement Plans:

Qualified Retirement Plans such as Traditional, Education, Simple and SEP IRAs, Simple and Traditional 401K, 403B, and Profit Sharing Plans are excellent ways to plan for retirement
and benefit from tax deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth!

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans:
Having maximized your contributions to your Qualified Plan, we can show you how Variable Annuities, Variable and Universal Life Insurance, Non-Deductible and Roth IRAs, and Deferred
Compensations Plans can provide Opportunities for creating supplemental retirement income.

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Disability Income Protection:

Fewer than 20% of all working people have personally owned a disability income policy insuring their income against threat of an unexpected accident or illness.
The deductibility of these premiums is dependent on who pays the premium.
These policies are available on an individual and/or group basis.

Business Overhead Expense:

An Overhead Expense Policy pays the expenses such as employee salaries and benefits, rent, accounting services, malpractice and related business insurances, necessary to keep one's office open, while disabled.
The premium for this coverage is tax deductible.

Disability Buy-Out:

The success of a small business depends on the contributions of each and every partner or stockholder. When an owner can no longer contribute due to disability, the business and the other owners can suffer severe financial losses.
This policy prevents the disabled owner from disabling his business!

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Educational Seminars and Workshops
in your workplace, community, or home

Business Insurance: Concepts and Benefit Comparisons
(e.g. Buy/Sell, Split Dollar, Key Employee and Executive Bonus Plans)

Employee Benefit Plans
Employers can expand benefit offerings without adding costs (e.g., Cafeteria Plans, Group Insurance)

Impaired Risk Underwriting
providing insurance plans for individuals who have been declined, postponed or highly rated.

International Health Insurance
for US nationals while traveling abroad and for foreigners when visiting this country